Designed for your comfort. Unchanged by time.

Designed for your comfort. Unchanged by time.

We respect your skin as the most precious clothing item, one that stays with you for a lifetime. We wisely choose the finest silk fabric and create easy-to-wear timeless pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just like a natural second skin!

What you see here is a disclosure of our ideal wardrobe, one made out of simple and easy-to-wear, trend-repellent items. You’ll find both the all time classics and minimalist pieces, exclusively made of silk - one of the most valuable natural fabrics.

Our muse at first, later on silk set the grounds of not-just-another-fashion project but of a rather new perspective on how we look at, appreciate and make the most of our wardrobe:

- with love for the items in there as they should not be bought out of impulse. There is story in the fabric they are made of and a story of the people that made them.

- with care as they should be crafted of precious, natural fabrics that keep our skin safe and comfortable without leaving a negative trace.

- with loyalty as they should be designed to last through seasons passing and trends rapidly changing.

- with creativity as they should be mixed and matched for any occasion and easily reinvented with the use of a simple accessory.

Our silk minimalist wardrobe is all that! You’ll find there the classic silk blouse and the delicate camisoles, to layer or to wear on their own. We thought of two “little silk dresses” for the very elegant minimalist and the comfort-seeking one. We added a feminine touch to the simple masculine tee and completed everything with a staple among silk classics - the kimono blazer. And then there’s a series of small silk handcrafted accessories to refresh that wardrobe without having to constantly buying new stuff.