Transparency. From fabric to price and product.

Transparency. From fabric to price and product.

Our silk is of the finest quality. It undergoes a sand-washing process and it is custom dyed and shipped from traditional Chinese crafters. Its price can often go up to 10 times higher than the regular silk found at your local distributor. Our manufacturing team owns an artful atelier in a picturesque town of Romania. They're only a few but put a lot of effort and care in what they do. And their hearts as well. Our price range is meant to reflect that. And to keep the focus on what really matters, we mark our prices up not more than 3x their real price. Completely unlike the traditional retailers.

That is because our pieces of clothing are not about labels or seasonal trends.

Our clothing line philosophy has a lot to do with the fabric itself. With how it treats our skin, with how it confronts fashion whims and recurrent wearing and, of course, with how it is manufactured and the care it requires from the professionals handling it. And it has to do to a classic, always recognizable beauty. 

We chose silk for it has the right resistance and functionality. It is comfortable for the skin and breathable. It is luxurious and valuable for itself and has just the right degree of reluctance when it comes to manipulating it to fit eccentric vogues. It is versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up. And that’s not all. Silk comes in variety of textures, with different weights and weaves. Our research led us to choose the charmeuse kind, the one we normally have in mind when we think of “traditional” silk with a shimmery satin weave on the front and a “pebbly” crepe texture on the back. Only we opted for the charmeuse silk that undergoes a process of washing - called sandwashing - that makes the fabric even softer, less susceptible to shrinkage and takes away a bit of the sheen, giving it a suede hand-feel texture.The other good thing about sandwashed silk is that it can also be washed and dried normally.

It is thus safe to say there’s no great secret to what we’re doing, it’s just the silk!

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