With love and care. In everything we do.

With love and care. In everything we do.

We care about how your clothes are made. And who makes them. We put thought in choosing our partners, our designs and fabrics and aspire to always remain kind and responsible in our venture - from fabric manufacturers to local taylor's ateliers and eventually your door.  We stand by circularity and sustainability and make efforts to recover the fabric leftovers and turn them into new items and accessories.

Our take on sustainability is related to slow design, a branch of the slow movement, with an overarching goal to promote well being for individuals, society, and the natural environment. When it comes to fashion, the slow design is a timeless design - one that does not follow the trends. Simply put, it is about the pieces we will keep and wear forever.

Still, how do we become interested to keep an item and wear it forever? That is such a personal challenge!

We believe is has to do with the feeling of owning something we appreciate, of looking after something precious rather than discarding it in a room. We think it has to do with a value related to cost, especially if you save money for something. And much rather it has to do with a value related to the sentiment we associate with a garment - a place, a family moment, a story that will always be there.

Our take on slow fashion is to cultivate a trend away from fashion trends - a trend of what we love. Is an attempt to help shifting the focus from things - that we wear, barely use and pile in our lives - to what we do! Because most of us know by now - more does not make us happier!