Designed for your comfort.Unchanged by time.
We respect your skin as the most precious clothing item, one that stays with you for a lifetime. We wisely choose the finest silk fabric and create easy-to-wear timeless pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just like a natural second skin!

With love and care. In everything we do.
We care about how your clothes are made. And who makes them. We put thought in choosing our partners, our designs and fabrics and aspire to always remain kind and responsible in our venture - from fabric manufacturers to local taylor's ateliers and eventually your door.
We stand by circularity and sustainability and make efforts to recover the fabric leftovers and turn them into new items and accessories.

Transparency. From fabric to price and product.
Our silk is of the finest quality. It undergoes a sand-washing  process and it is custom dyed and shipped from traditional Chinese crafters. Its price can often go up to 10 times higher than the regular silk found at your local distributor. 
Our manufacturing team owns an artful atelier in a picturesque town of Romania. They're only a few but put a lot of effort and care in what they do. And their hearts as well.
Our price range is meant to reflect that. And to keep the focus on what really matters, we mark our prices up not more than 3x their real price. Completely unlike the traditional retailers.